ACI Design:Build is led by two seasoned architects and builders, 

Jim Walker and Mark Gerwing.


Our mission is to merge the design & building processes, creating a more efficient project delivery system which produces overall savings & better buildings.  


The Process

How Design Build Works

Design | Build is a hybrid architectural design and construction process that vastly increases the coordination between the traditional roles of architect and builder, resulting in better buildings at a better cost.  Instead of hiring a separate architect and general contractor, the Design | Build process synthesizes those roles into a single entity – ACI – that works with property owners to craft a complete project, from initial design through permit approvals and the completion of construction.

Our Team


Jim Walker

Jim Walker has over 25 years designing and building thoughtful, beautifully detailed and crafted buildings with projects in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Colorado.  

Jim has a Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University and extensive experience working with the renowned Paul Rudolph Architects and Peter Gluck Architects in New York City.  Jim has lived in Boulder for over 15 years and is an avid angler and accomplished woodworker.



Mark Gerwing

Mark Gerwing brings 25 years of architectural design experience to ACI, having worked in Boston, New Haven and Chicago prior to moving to Colorado 15 years ago.  

Mark has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kentucky and a Master of Architecture from Yale University.  Mark is an enthusiastic photographer and painter. He never fails to keep his Instagram page filled with stunning imagery. You can find Mark on Instagram @markgerwing.



Meri Bacus

Meridith Bacus has over 13 years of experience working in architecture and design, with time off devoted to raising her children mid-career.  

Meri has a Bachelor of Architecture from The Cooper Union in Manhattan, and has worked closely on projects in New York, Texas, California, Colorado and in Berlin, Germany.  If she's not in the office, or hanging with her family, you will find her out on her road bike somewhere in the hills near Boulder.




Zeke is our loyal office mascot and friend.  He keeps us aware of incoming visitors with heartfelt howls of joy and always reminds us to enjoy the beautiful Boulder weather.  

Zeke is an exemplary student.  He has already mastered the art of obedience and he is now working on conquering the art of design.  While we still take Zeke's design input with a grain of salt, he never fails to brighten our office with his radiating joie de vivre.



Please feel free to contact either Jim or Mark about your potential project and we can help you understand the process, associated costs and likely approval hurdles and schedule.