Jess to Do

Research how to edit Google Search result blurb.

Review all fonts. Too small?

Paragraph Font - concerned about lower case "i" looking like a stubby lower case "L"

Ask Jim about "Jim" VS "James"

Ask if Jim added the Date metadata to the portfolio summary?

Ask if "Yale Road Residence" is finalized project name then link it's portfolio page to the 2015 Green Boulder Homes Tour Blog post

Look up app that lets you toggle between instagram accounts.

Add copyright metadata to all images on the site.

Create an editorial calendar. 

Add photos to gmail?  How do you link those to the website? 

look up way to toggle between account in instagram

W.Arapahoe - Find original model photo, or take new one with higher res.

make links in bio go to schools of architecture

Document creating a new portfolio page, blog post, and keeping server records up to date. 


Contact Info

Do you have a phone number you'd like to include in the Contact page?  Also, it could be added to the footer. 


Every page has its own banner, these should be reviewed and edited as you see fit.  All banners for the main navigation pages are currently using the same image gallery called "Home Banner", each portfolio page has its own custom static (ie non-scrolling) banner.


Could use a better write-up about what to expect when starting a new project and guide about how the project will progress from design to construction.  


Re-name projects. 

Add more projects.

add plans to select projects


Could use more of a story about how the company got started, it's values and goals, and how this all benefits your clients. 

about or process - discuss green building/design


Write new blog entries, Blog is currently not live.

Social Meida

Link Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz. 

Instagram Page on this site: should we change it so that it visually reads differently than the portfolio page? Maybe have it as 4 squares across?  maybe don't have the images cropped into the 1x1 squares.

Think about referencing the other people we're working with, when appropriate, in social media posts. 

M. Gerwing

Squarespace trial login:   PW:leo32arch

Figure out how to call out M. Gerwing Architects as a partner company.  Possibly have a web designer add this feature. 

Look up how to maintain current SEO ranking for established sites. 

What do we do with old wordpress accounts once we're done